Day 1

It’s a new year, so I’m starting with day 1.

I know absolutely nothing about Australia. Only that it used to be inhabited by the now extinct kangaroos. They must have been funny beings, always jumping around. I step out of my portal into the torrid heat. I can’t wait to be in the water! I ask somebody for directions to the Olympic stadium. I head west. I take the land portal. The only bad thing about the portals is that they emit their waste into the atmosphere. The land portals run high above the city, and I love to look out and see all of the people. I turn to the other side of the portal and stare at the tawny colored sea. The sea was the only place to dump waste. Originally, they had dumped all trash way out in the middle of the sea. It was a terrible mistake, because the currents brought it all back to the shores. No more beach vacations like everyone had in the olden days 300 years ago. We study the different years in school. 324 years ago they had these things called cell phones. They couldn’t even read minds then! And the newest things were apple products. And the computers were huge! The length of your forearm and 1 inch thick! A beeping interrupts my thoughts as I arrive. I see the stadium on my right.

To be continued.


Day ?

I couldn’t believe it. I am going to be in the 2437 Olympics. The Olympics are hundreds of years old. They are still around. I am representing North America for swimming. 400 years ago, the countries of Canada, the United States, and Mexico all joined into one country for the better good of all. No one knows exactly why. That is secret. But I cannot think of living in one of those three separate countries. The language boundaries were diminished 50 years ago when you could go to a hospital and have a chip put in your brain that can help you understand every language. Now all children get them as soon as they are born. I’ve never said this out loud, but I’m surprised that there is still athletic competition despite the technological enhancement available. I look up at the gray and cloudless sky. In history books, it says that it used to be blue, but those burning fossil fuels polluted it and made it a dull, gray color. We do not use fossil fuels now. Instead, we harnesses the energy of the planets in our solar system. It is very complicated, and few people know how it was done. I have loved to swim ever since I was born. When I am in the water, I feel calm. The Olympics this year are in Australia. It is across the ocean, so I will have to take the undersea portal to get there. It should only take a few hours. I walk out of my apartment. No one owns a house due to the surplus population. More people can fit in a smaller space. I head down to the portal station. I brought a good a,punt of my rations with me. There are two lines at the portal station. Land and sea. Land can only take you across land. Sea can take you across land and sea. I step into the sea section. There is no line, so I walk up and pay for my voyage to Australia. I board my portal. The portal is like a miniature room. There is water stored in bottles and comfy chairs to sit in. There are download chips that you can plug into your touchscreen to play games or look at magazines. I decide to sleep for the 4 hours it takes me to arrive. I sleep for two hours then get up to stretch my legs. I look through the glass to the ocean around me. It is beautiful blue. Is this what the sky used to look like? The sea near the coast is brown in color, but farther out, it is a beautiful blue. I end up falling asleep again. I wake up to the beeping telling me that I have arrived.

To be continued…

Day 5

Hello everyone! I am updating the “last post” page to make it acuurate and to have it start from the beginning. So here is your story for today:

BEEEP! BEEEP! BEEEP! The smaoke alarm went crazy. I rushed into the dining room, waving a towel by the smoke alarm. I had accidentally burnt some fried chicken. The sound of the alarm pierced my very ear, and made me cringe. I suddenly heard a sizzling sound. The pasta water was overflowing! I abandoned the dish rag on the floor and sprinted back into the kitchen. I quickly took the top off the pot and pushed it back so it was not on the hot burner. I gave it a quick stir and then opened some windows. Maybe next time I should just try to cook one thing at a time…

Day 4

I’m sorry, but its late. Anyway, I got a color on my braces today! I got hot pink and I like them:) remember the writing contest and PLEASE send in something! Goodnight!(maybe)

Day 3

Writing contest!!!!!!:):):). Yep, you heard me. I only have 4 minutes to write so I have to be brief. Write a story about his picture:


Day 2

Just so you know, this is just a story and I took it from the hunger games.

Never in my life would I have dreamed of doing this. Seven months ago, I didn’t even think about stuff like this. I never dreamed I would be chosen. So many names….and then mine. It was only my second year in the drawing. When my name was pulled out and read, no one volunteered. No one helped. No one even have it a thought. No, when they called “Rue” no one helped me. The other boy who was chosen from my district was Thresh. He kind of scares me. I mean, he’s like a giant. I’m sure he’s nice though. My father came to say goodbye. Then I had to leave. The capital was huge, later than I have ever imagined. Then came the tributes parade. It was scary. I came out on a chariot in front of a huge crowd. During the training days, I worked on survival skills. I don’t really like swords. I can’t pick one up anyway. There is this girl named Katniss Everdeen. She seems nice. Maybe we can be friends and hep each other out. I stand in my glass tube, waiting to go up and see what the arena is like this year. I hope it’s a farm. I really do. But then that would be too easy? I feel queasy as the countdown begins. The sunlight blinds me as I look around. I’m just going to run. That’s what my mentor told me to do. 5…4…3…2…1…

Day 1 (yep, 1!)

I’m back at blogging. I am going to promise. I really want to start it again. That’s why I’m starting the count down again. Yep, I’m going to start from day 1. I haven’t really been writing a lot and I really want to get back to writing an actual story everyday. I was readi g through previous posts and was feeling that I should just start over fresh and write everyday. So that’s what I’m doing. And I’m starting right now.

My name is Lisa. I am what you might call an introvert. I like to think. I think all the time. I think of stories, facts, knowledge, just about anything.
This is my mind. ~{€|¥+~~’rkodkjzn)hj)ugh£{**{¥{£,£,+,£~!{?!+~=,€+|kfsjdjdiocidkebhxj$82@:! Jxidlekheuekzj9⃣#⃣2⃣2⃣#⃣9⃣9⃣▶↕▶↖↘📶🈳🉐🈶🉐🈹🈵🚭🈂🛅📵✴📴📴♻🏧©🕕🕐🕠🕠💯✔➗➖➕✖📕📗📘📙📓📔📒📚📖🎨✏✏✏✏✒✒✒✒📎📌📂📓📆🔬🎼🎵🎶🎹🎻🎤🍗💈🐣🐈🌍🌎🌏👤€€,#£•£!<,?,\|,!¥)@@7)?(3$@??,bfjkmccjkm
What I say:…good…..the answer is three…..sure…..2:00.

Wow, right? That's why I'm starting this diary. I don't want to be an introvert anymore. I'm going to find a balance. Wish me luck!

Day 129

Apple pie
Cherry pie
Pumpkin pie
Tomatoe pie
Grape pie
Chocolate covered cherry coffee pie
Banana pie
Pinapple pie
Carrot Pie
Pie flavored pie

Bob: Hey, want some pie?
john: Oh boy, what flavor!?
Bob: Pie flavor! (evil laugh)
(SPLAT of pie being thrown into John’s face)

p.s. this post was requested from a fan of my blog whose name is E.

Day 128

I actually went swimming today! Anyway,my dad’s family and some of his childhood friends are coming over tonight. My mom made chili and some kind of pumpkin dessert. We are also going to have smores! Anyway, I am going to write a story. But before I do that, I must tell you about my new website. Most of you know that I am writing a book(s), and this is the place to go to learn all about it. And, if enough people ask questions about it, I might make a FAQ(frequently asked questions) page. So check it out. Here is the website:
Actually, I'm going to write a story later. My ne k is hurting from looking down on this screen. :):):):)

Day 127

I am very sorry. I will try to write on my blog everyday from now on. I have 10 minutes until I have to leave for school. Right now it is 6:01. I woke up earlier today and I like that I have extra time. Today I get to go to yearbook club after school. The problem is, I keep forgetting to take pictures! I will take some this week. Maybe I will go to a track game because I think that I would enjoy that. Anyway, if I remember, I will get oImageon here later and write a story.