Hey! You! Yes you! Check out my new blog:) don’t worry I’m still posting on all the blogs. Here are all the links and addresses for all the blogs I have:)

365 Days of Writing- https://chica1918.wordpress.com/ click here!
Borenko’s Secret- http://borenkossecret.wordpress.com/ click here!
Lilac Summers- http://summersinohio.wordpress.com/ click here!
Neon Nikes- http://neonnikes.wordpress.com/click here!

Also check out these cool blogs:
Ghostpuppy- http://ghostpuppy.wordpress.com/ click here!
Life is Beautiful- http://lifeisbeautiful1228.wordpress.com/ click here!

Just so y’all know, I am soon going to change the address of this site. And also for lilac summers. So I will tell you what they are soon.


One thought on “4-4-13

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