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Day ?

Sorry about not writing in a long time guys. But, summer is coming and I will have lots more time.

Now, to finish the story. Just so you know, as I’m writing this eating I piece of cold ham. (Idk! Breakfast I guess!)

Well, at east continue it,



I collapse on my bed and wonder if things have been going too fast. I just met this guy today. Aaron. His name. I lean back and fall asleep.

The next morning I wake up at about 8:00. I am mad at myself for sleeping in. It takes away practice time. I get ready to go swimming. As I get ready, I reminisce on the nite before. I head to my portal. It is working again so I take it down to the lobby and walk to the pools. I put my stuff down in the locker room and stand on the edge if the pool. I jump in and enjoy the feeling of the cool, clean water. I paddle my arms with ease and go back and forth across the whole stretch of the pool. All of the swimmers leave for lunch except me. I am practicing all kinds of strokes. I swim to the side of the pool to take a drink of water. I hear a loud splash behind me and turn around to see that Aaron has jumped into the pool. “Race?” He calls out,I nod in agreement. He swims over to where I am and he says go. We start out exactly alike. Swimming at the same pace. That is, until I decide to speed up. Then Aaron struggles. I reach the end, and he reaches it a few seconds after me. We both laugh. We catch our breaths. Other swimmers re-enter the pool. Aaron looks at me. “How about dinners tonight?” I smile. “That sounds great.” I swim back to where I was, and start practicing all my stokes again. I decide that it is time to get out and I leave, anticipating the evening meal.

As the portal reaches my room, I start trying to figure out what I am going to wear. I go over to the closet screen. It is about time I got a new outfit. I touch the screen and search under dresses. I see a nice floral one that I like. It is knee length and I like it very much. It is pricey, but I get it anyway. The closet spins, and the dress comes out. It looks wonderful. I slip it on and brush my hair. I wear the heels I wore last night. I am ready. Now, I must wait for Aaron. Before long, I hear a tapping at my door. I know how it is. I unlock and open the door to see Aaron, all dressed up and ready. “Are you ready?” He asks. I reply, “I’ve been ready for quite awhile.” We both laugh as we take the elevator together, even though the portals are working again. As we step into the elevator, he says “You look beautiful tonight.” I thank him. We reach the lobby and walk out of the hotel. “I’ve planned something special tonight.”
He says. O wonder what we will be doing. We walk out of the Olympic village thing and then I see a skating rink building in front of me. “Ever been skating before?” He asks. “No. Not really.” I reply, smiling. “That’s ok. You’ll learn quickly.” He says. We walk into the building. I’m glad I wore a jacket over my dress. The skating rink is mostly empty, with only a few skaters. We go and get our skates. We step onto the rink. I do ok at first, but then I started to lose my balance. Aaron tried to keep me from falling, but failed and ended up falling down also. He holds out his hand to help me up. I reach for it, and hold his hand. When I get up, we don’t let go. We begin to skate around the rink, falling down and laughing at times, our hands never parting. Finally he asks, “How does dinner sound?” “Great,” I reply, “Lets go.” We return our skates and walk out of the building. Hand in hand. “I’ve decided to go to a new place tonight.” He says. I reply, “we’ll, aren’t you full of surprises tonight.” We smile at each other warmly. We end up going to a restaurant who’s name I can’t pronounce let alone read and understand. It looks fancy. We are seated and both decide to share food again. We talk about life, and swimming and the Olympics. We eat rather quickly and then go to a nearby fountain. We sit on a bench. “It been a wonderful time, Aaron.” I love saying his name. He smiles and looks at me. Our eyes lock and neither of us look away. I stare into his pale green eyes and study them. I don’t know who leaned in first, maybe it was both of us at the same time. He pressed his lips against mine and I his, and we kissed for a few seconds. When we pulled away, he looked at me and asked me a question. “Will you go out with me?” Simple question. Simple answer. “Of course!” We lean in and kiss again. We decide that it is time to go back to the hotel and we walk to my room. We kiss again, and separate to our rooms. I cannot sleep tonight. I am excited. Finally, after a few hours, I fall asleep and sleep peacefully until I wake up at 7:00 again. My first thought this morning, was wondering if Aaron will be at the pool this morning.


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Post 3

I swim a few laps, then decide to dry off. No one is left in the pool or the locker room, I’m guessing because it is time for supper. I will have all day to swim tomorrow. I collect my things, and start up to my room. I go over and try my portal. For some reason it doesn’t work. I feel too tired to take the steps, so I walk into the elevator. A man walks in the elevator, holding the door for me. He’s about an inch taller than me, and looks about my age. He smiles and says “Hi. I’m Aaron. I’m here for swimming. What about you?”
It takes me awhile to realize that he asked me a question. I reply
“I’m here for swimming too. My name is Sarah.”
“Nice to meet you.” He gives me another smile and I smile back. He has pale green eyes. I jump when the elevator beeps, and say “This is my floor.” “Mine too.” Aaron replies. We part separate ways, and I walk over to my door. Then he calls out. “Hey, do you want to go eat dinner together?” I readily reply “Yeah, sure, I’ll meet you out here in 10 minutes.” I smile to myself. I walk into my room and pick out a dress that I brought for special occasions. I fix my hair, hurrying as fast as possible. I grab my purse and walk out of my room. Aaron is already waiting for me. I check my watch. It is 7:00pm. “WHere do you want to eat?” Aaron asks me. I don’t know what to say, so I make an excuse. “I just got here this afternoon. I’m not really familiar with the area.” He nods and leads me to the elevator. He hits the button for the lobby floor and we wait for awhile in awkward silence. I have to say something. “So, how long have you been here?”
“One week.”
“Oh. So where are we going?”
“There’s this great restaurant about a 5 minute walk from here. I’m sure you’ll like it.”
“Well, I’m not that picky when it comes to food. Sounds great.”
Aaron was right. It is just a 5 minute walk away. the restaurant is called “Down Under” I guess its called that becasue we are in Australia after all. We walk in the entrance and ask for a table for two. We are seated right away. We take up our menus. I have no idea what to get, I have never eaten at a restaurant before. I ask Aaron for ideas.
“What are you getting?”
“I think that I’ll get steak. You can’t go wrong with that.”
“Is it good?”
“Yeah. Very.”
“Then I might get that too.”
“Fine with me. Maybe we can share it.”
“Fine with me.”
I give my best smile and close my menu. Aaron has handsome features. he is a gentleman too. The waiter comes up to our table and we order. It takes awhile for the food to come out, so we talk.
“So where are you from?” Aaron asks.
“North America. And you?”
“Did any family come with you?”
It was just an innocent question, but it pricks my heart. Trying to hide it, I quickly reply,
He looks at me as if expecting me to elaborate. In an attempt to break the silence, I blurt out the truth.
“I don’t really have any. That I know of.”
“Oh. Sorry, I didn’t know.”
“That’s fine. It wasn’t your fault.”
Just then, our food comes, complete with an extra plate for me. The steak looks delicious. He cuts it in half. We say the blessing over the food, and begin to eat. We don’t talk much while eating, we just exchange looks. I look at him, he looks at me, our eyes meet, both our eyes go down. Or vice-versa. The waiter brings the bill. I look at it.
“Oh my goodness.”
“What’s wrong?”
“I didn’t know it would be this exspensive. I don’t have enough money.”
“Your funny, I’m paying for it. Haven’t you ever been on a date before?”
“No.” I repy quietly.
“Well, I find that hard to believe.” He smiles. He pays, then we start the walk back to the hotel. The portals to the room are still not working, so we take the elevator. he walks me to my door.
“I had a nice time tonight. See you tomorrow.”
He nods, then leans in, and kisses me on the cheek.
“See you tomorrow.” He replies.
I go back into my room, floating.

Day 2

I look up to see the massive skyscraper that will be my home for the next 2 months or so. You may be wondering where my parents are. Well, I never really knew my parents. I was and I guess I still am an orphan. I was adopted when I was 1 year old. It never really bothered me to not know my parents, because I didn’t feel as if I was missing out on anything. Once I came of age, I submitted a form to the government asking for a living quarters. People don’t buy houses like they used to. It is a complete waste of money. Now we live for free so we can put more money towards piecing our economy back together. I enter the doors of the large olympic athlete building. I walk through the loby to the front desk. The lady working there says to place my hand on a scanner. When I do, it tells me what room to go to and distributes a key. I thank her and start walking up to room A27. The top floor. There are 26 floors, each for one letter in the alphabet. The top is A, and it descends all the way down to Z, the main floor. I step into a tube and the floor shoots up under me. I come to a stop in my room. I step out of the tube. My luggage should be here soon. I wouldn’t want to get in the way. I look around. It is a large room, it has a kitchen, a bathroom, a sort of living room, and a bedroom. It is very spacious compared to my apartment. I here a swoosh behind me and then see two sleek suitcases arrive in the tube. One has clothes and such in it, and the other has food. I’m not rich, and I can’t afford to go to a resturant and pay $50 for a hot dog every night. In the olden days, I am tols that prices were much cheaper. Most people now adays just eat from their rations that are free. If you want more rations before the month ends, you only have to pay a little. The rations are like rice cakes, but you can make them taste like anything if you put a sauce on them. Or you can eat them plain. I’m hungry for something salty so I put pretzel-flavored sauce on it and devour it hungrily. I haven’t eaten since breakfast this morning. Now that I have eaten, I decide to unpack and explore my room. I put all my clothes into drawers and everything else I have away. I notice that there is a closet by the tube and in my bedroom. The kitchen has a working sink and a refrigerator. The fridge has snacks and such in it, if I get hungry between eals. On the counter, there is a bowl of the different sauces you can put on you rations. All the walls are a gold color and the sofa is brown. I need to go figure out where the practicing will be. I step into the tube and go down to floor Z. I ask the lady at the lobby desk for directions. She told me to go outside, take a right, walk a few block, take another right, then immediately turn left and I will see the stadium. I walk right, right, then left and I do see the stadium. It is huge, as big as 20 large apartment buildings put together. I spot the enrance and stroll inside. I’m already ready to swim and I follow signs on the wall to the pool. It is also huge. I put my things in a locker and walk up to the edge of the water. With a deep breath, I jump in. The cool water surrounds me as I resurface, kick of the wall, and satart swimming. I’m so glad I was chosen to be in the olympics. I get out of the pool on the other side. People from almost every country are here. I see a group heading towards me. I reckognize them at once, but their names slip my mind as they speak to me.
“Well, I didn’t know that their leting amateurs into the olympics now.”
At this moment I reckognize her, she is North American, like me. She is the champion swimmer, Lucy Forest. She won the Olympics last time for swimmign. I had always looked up to her, and now I realize that she is the snobbiest person I may have evr met. I can’t think of a good comeback, so I jump into the pool and practice holding my breath for as long as I can, which should be enough time for Lucy and her friend to go away. When I surface, they are gone.


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